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About Our Company

Learn about our history and programs we provide

The LaBroi insurance Group is a nationwide independent insurance agency and brokerage focusing on wealth building life insurance strategies, high end business insurance, disability, property/casualty and business expense consultation through an array of specialized contracts and relationship with various insurer and service providers. Our agents can source your every need in risk management along with taking you through consultation on the specifics on how these products meet your needs.


The chief strategist of the LaBroi Insurance Group, LLC Steven LaBroi is also an author of a book called Build Your Human Equity Line of Credit®, creating assets in any economy, is an amazon leading book on life insurance and how it can be used while you are living. A concept studied and shared with all of his clients. This concept dispels the stigma that life insurance is only use for its face value or death benefit.


The LaBroi insurance Group, LLC has license in most all US states and has some unique partnerships with companies and professionals who provide true benefits for individuals, families and businesses of any size. We refer to Estate and Trust attorneys and other financial services to assist in the strategy of creating safe growth and protection of our clients’ money.

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