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Variables of retirement

Did You Know Retirement is one of the Top 10 most stressful life events?

According to the psychiatrists, Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe, retirement is one of the top 10 stressful life events. From knowing the right amount of money you need to retire to maintaining wealth that beats inflation. It takes into consideration many variables that can directly or indirectly control your life. And balancing out those variables in your favor, in this ever changing economy is indeed overwhelming.

Striking the balance

We help you answer The Key Question, “How Much Money do I really need to retire?"

If you’ve been believing a ‘thumb rule’ will help you answer this question, trust me, it won’t. One size does not fit all. People with different personality, needs, aspirations require different sums to live their life. A general rule can not define a unique life, like yours.

We listen to you before defining “How much money do you really need to retire?” Then we plan your retirement to cater all your necessities and desires.

Your dream life

New Hobby. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Grandkids. We’re with you for the long run

We care for your money, but we are more concerned about your lifestyle after retirement. Nothing can be more beautiful than a healthy life with your loving ones. Celebrating your birthdays, painting walls with your grandkids, evening car-rides with your family. We aspire to bless you with the life you dream. So, we analyze and update your financial retirement plan as required to keep it aligned with your objectives and situations.

Life over everything

Life-centered financial planning

Piling up money doesn't bring happiness. Using that money to have the best ever lifestyle brings happiness. Retirement planning is much more than just planning about money. It's about a life where you can continue your long-lost hobby or start a new one, play with your grandkids and hangout with your coeval friends without being worried about your finances.

Making better

ROL (Return on Life), not ROI

After retirement, you’ll have 8 more hours in a day which otherwise were consumed by your day job. You should be focusing on Return on Life, more than you do on Return on Investment. So, our concern is to help you get the best possible life with the money you have. We guide you to manage your finances and utilize it in the best possible way on yourself, after retirement.

Dreams/wishes coming true

What Our Happiest Retirees Know

  • Their wish to travel to their dream destinations are coming true.
  • They have time to live, love, and laugh with their family.
  • They have enough time to continue their long-lost hobby.
  • They are having a comfortable life, thought-free of a source of income.
  • There is always a partner to assist them with their finance management.
Focus on life

After years of investing in a livelihood, it’s time to focus on life.

Retirement brings you the freedom of how you want to spend your time, what paths to follow, what dreams to live, what goals to accomplish. Money is necessary, but it is definitely not at the center. We aim to provide you that enriching retired life.

Bring Clarity to your Finances.

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