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Human Equity Line of Credit

For Pre & Post Retirees

Have a comprehensive retirement planning guidance that helps you achieve a sense of prosperity

For Business Owners & Family Offices

Shook up by Market volatility? Learn more on what you can do

For Individuals & Professionals

Explore opportunities employers can provide to employees transitioning from retirement savings into retirement outcome

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Retirement Planning

Retiring stress-free at your own will is now easy

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Life Insurance & Annuities

Insurance that suits you and your family

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Tax Management

Auditing. Filing. Savings- all at one place

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College Planning

Choose a college without financial burden

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Wealth Management

Wealth management is complementary for wealth creation

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Investment Management

Market volatility is not a problem but an opportunity

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Imparting financial literacy

Recycling Income vs Wealth Creation

Regular income needs to increase with time and hence, being invested for too long in a fixed-rate product without enhancing returns is not the best choice. While it provides monetary gains, it is not secure and dependable. To be financially stable and free you need to have definite wealth to protect you. To create that generational wealth you need to learn strategies and build habits around wealth creation and management.

  • Keep pace with inflation
  • Protect your gains through retirement
  • Ensure your money not only lasts but grows
  • Maximize your income potential
  • Manage the emotional side of investing
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Chief Financial Strategist

Steven is passionate about helping people planning for retirement. He’s the founder of LaBroi’s Insurance Group,LLC and has over 25 years of experience as a retirement financial advisor. He is also an author of a book called Build Your Human Equity Line of Credit®, creating assets in any economy, is an amazon leading book on life insurance and how it can be used while you are living. A concept studied and shared with all of his clients. This concept dispels the stigma that life insurance is only use for its face value or death benefit.

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Why People Work With Us

  • Steve showed me how to use my current insurance cash value to pay off some of debts without paying interest to my creditors. I was able to free up my monthly output and he offered many options.

    Pat Jacob
    Small Business Owner
  • [I learned] that life insurance is an asset. ... Mr. LaBroi [educated]me on how to use my policy in various ways while I'm living. Most agents focus on death. ... learn how the wealthiest are doing it, I recommend [him].

    C.F. Jackson
    Content Coordinator
  • I believe in whole life and was guided into the insurance light by Steven LaBroi ... his explanation of whole life insurance advantages gave me what I needed to round out my investment portfolio.

    Emanuel Payton
    IT Security Expert