4th October

Not Your Grandma's Life Insurance

Not Your Grandma’s Life Insurance

Everybody has a parent or grandparent who made it their business to get Life insurance for funerals for everyone in their families. We teach you the other side. If they did not purchase it themselves they talked about it. Grandmother dealt with the insurance man when he came by the house every week or once per month to pick up the premium or debit the account on the policy. The premiums were very manageable and most were Whole life insurance “Non-Participating (defined by not gaining any interest or ownership in the policy)”.

Each policy Grandma was the owner of the policy and each of her children we the insured. The beneficiary in case something happen was Grandma, so she could provide a proper burial for her loved one.

This was the general way it was passed down from generation to generation in communities where information and resources were not plenty. Most policies did not pay out because the children lived long lives and Grandma passed before the policies were claimed. Grandma was not taught to change the ownership of the policies to each child and have each child make their sibling a beneficiary.
Grandma sometimes even paid more for the $1000 or $5000 than the face value (death benefit) of the policy, which was not told to them as they were paying month after month. Although there were different types of policies out that performed much better than those dated back in Grandma’s time she may not have been taught the true benefits to herself and her family. This is also true today as this information is and is not passed along to future generations. Today, we find that insurance has been around for over 400 years coming from Roman times and in the USA the type of insurance that is most beneficial to help the generation move legacies from one to the next is the type of insurance we are discussing.
Dividend-paying Whole Life Insurance is what if our Grandma mother was taught about it does so many things including create wealth for the family’s future. Now isn’t that what all of us want for our families. When children are born into our families it is such celebrated event showers and gifts abound. As that child grows he/she get more things due to a parents idea that they want MORE for their children. So the child asks and the child gets. Parents even began to think of the type of education (k-college) they want for their child even though it is years off, however most don’t begin to think of the cost. The current expenses in raising the child are so heavy because of how we feel about our children while they are small can be high.
LBOI teaches a way of managing this entire process and to be able to have and do what you want throughout yours and your child’s life. This process will make you the NEW 21st-century Grandmother or Grandfather who really has an opportunity to set the LEGACY for your family while building a GREAT RETIREMENT for yourself.